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For the lovers of the great diversity of Pantanal, the MV Peralta Cruise offer a unique experience for family travels or corporate travels aboard the magnificent and sophisticated boat newly renovated for your convenience. Get to know the Peralta Boat Wetland Ecotourism itinerary and marvel at over 4,700 species of animals among its lush and welcoming landscapes.

Meet our fabulous itinerary for those who seek contact with nature without giving up comfort on your trip. Embark on this and come enjoy the delights that only the Pantanal has to offer.


Photographic Itinerary

How about getting to know one of the most award-winning destinations for its natural  breathtaking and photographic beauties?

Pantanal is the national place to bird-watching, felines, mammals, fish and reptiles. The largest wetland on the planet is natural habitat of several local species, beyond the migratory ones; with more than 80% of native vegetation preserved.

The recipe to a successful photographic course: an excellent structure, dedicated team, ideal techniques and a charming place.

Schedule right now your photo expedition in Pantanal and be prepared for the bests photos on your album!

The Peralta Cruise invites you to embark on this adventure!


Corporate Itinerary

We are ideal for your corporate event

The Peralta Cruise is prepared to welcome your team with professionalism and hospitality. We’re experienced in corporate events, conferences, product presentations, branding and trainings.

A place prepared for important meetings with privacy and sophistication to make your event the best experience for your guests.

Be on board of a floating hotel in Pantanal and feel yourself on vacation while you “work” …

The Peralta Cruise organizes everything for your team in a personalized and unique way. Get on board and increase your sales motivating your team with an ecological and memorable way in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil – The Pantanal.



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Live the magic of Pantanal.

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