The Boat

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A floating hotel under millions of stars. With the comfort and care needs you deserve.

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Don’t worry with anything else once on board. It’s an all inclusive expercience – Food and drinks – for you

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Enjoy playing games and getting in shape with onboard gym.

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Peralta’s team is 24 hours a day ready to serve you, ensuring safety and restfullness for you and your family

The experience

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Pantanal experience



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Panoramic and Inviting,

Simple and dedicated.


With panoramic cabins along the theme applied in the rooms, we seek to contextualize your experience, bringing you even closer to the magic of the Pantanal.
Shared areas
The boat seeks to transcribe the energy of the simplicity of the Pantanal mixed with the luxury of a 5-star hotel.


Tranquility and peace,

Make yourself at home.

Full Experience
With the intention to bring tranquility and peace for your experience we ask dearly that you MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME! Enjoy the most of Pantanal magic, it will amaze you!

Open Life

At Peralta you always enjoy as much as you can! The open food and open bar is provided for you to enjoy the Peralta experience of YOUR WAY! If you need anything, we’re here!


Brave and enchants.


Live the Pantanal
Whenever you board Peralta, be prepared to face the Pantanal. With various walks and experiences, we provide the real experience of being in the Pantanal, land governed by nature.
Enjoy On Board
When on board, don’t be bored, we have some activities for you on the boat! Gym, pool, cards or board game and cultural activities, like dancing and clay modeling!


And safety.

Our team is here for you!

Security in 1º place
Our team is made by PANTANEIROS, the Pantanal living people, after all, no one knows the region better than they do. All thinking of greater security for you.
Engaged crew
Talk with our crew and get to know, based on their history, the reality of a simple life, natural and full of love and challenges of the great and beautiful Pantanal.